❀ at least i get to skip the swimming carnival tomorrow because i don't even wanna go
✿ so i started talking with a girl from legal studies
❀ she's from germany though
✿ well i don't mind at all but she's just an exchange student and she's going back to her country at the end of term 1
❀ sad because i like her. we can talk/laugh about anything and not feel awkward
✿ the internet was down again
❀ just when i wanted to watch zack and cody
✿ don't laugh i really miss that show

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The internet was down for a few days (OH THE HORROR).

At least I managed to not procrastinate too much since there was nothing to do. I even tidied up my room. 8)

School has been okay. I haven't really made any friends yet (yes I'm THAT bad at making friends) but the girl I sit with at lunch is pretty cool, I hope we could talk more. Not an easy thing to, since we only have one class together. Anyway, I've been thinking whether I should drop Maths General and take Advanced instead. I'm not that good at Maths but General is just way too easy. Plus the people in my class are just plain irritating. But I don't know if I would be able to handle a harder class. 

I'm failing English Advanced. Pretty early to say that but I just have no idea what we are actually talking about and the homework is piling. I haven't done any of them at all and I really don't want to. The latest assignment was creative writing, we had to write some stuff about ~mist cloaked the wood with malice~. I have some scattered ideas in mind but I'm not good enough to organise them and put the words together LOL.

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school started on wednesday. except i didn't start school. i'm not sure why but apparently something happened to my enrolment application? i'm okay with going to school late so i don't think much about it, plus i haven't got my uniforms yet. such an enthusiastic student.

i went to visit my uncle's housemate's sister (don't say anything) in newcastle a few days ago. her house was really nice. it had this homey, cool (then again it was raining) atmosphere. one of her daughters was home and she was a really pretty girl. really friendly too. i'm pretty awkward around strangers and my answers to all her questions weren't really conversation starters but we managed to talk quite a lot. uwu also she's 21 years old but we're around the same height, i'm so proud of myself. 8D


Hi. :B I have been planning to post for a while but I procrastinated as usual. I'm bored now so here's a little update. I deleted all my posts because they were horrible. I'm also changing my layout, so I'm sorry if my journal doesn't really look right. Nothing much happened (not that I remember) so here's some stuff I bought (not that much either lol).

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